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Date: July 26, 2004

For Release: August 25, 2004

September Declared Sight-Saving Month By Governor Rendell

Harrisburg, PA -- In preventing blindness, we should begin with our children. All children need regular eye examinations. One out of four children need some form of visual correction. This is especially important since at least 85% of learning occurs through the visual system. Young children do not know how well they should be able to see. Therefore, they cannot express the eye difficulties they may be experiencing. The Tri-County Association for the Blind conducts preschool vision screening programs to identify, at an early age, children who may be experiencing eye problems. These children are referred for a complete eye examination and possible treatment so they may begin their formal education with the best possible vision. Proper vision care gives children the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

Parents should watch for any of the following signs that may indicate eye problems including: crossed eyes, rubbing eyes excessively, shutting or covering one eye, tilting or thrusting the head forward when focusing on an object, holding books close to eyes, the inability to see distant objects clearly, blinking more than usual, stumbling over small objects, and experiencing frequent headaches.

Tri-County Association for the Blind also educates children and adults on proper eye safety. As adults, the safety of our eyes can be a concern when working around the home. Doing routine tasks such as gardening, maintenance to a family vehicle, or even lawn work can be dangerous to your eyes. Outdoor related injuries can be prevented if the proper safety goggles are worn. Children should be taught various ways to prevent eye injuries and protect their eyesight such as using care with scissors, pencils, knives and other sharp or pointed items. Additionally, children should be getting enough sleep and eating the proper foods to maintain healthy eyes. Being aware of safety issues, whether as a child or an adult is critical for having healthy eyes and protecting your precious gift of sight. Governor Edward G. Rendell, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Association for the Blind, and Tri-County Association for the Blind, has recognized the significance of this message and has proclaimed September as Sight-Saving Month.

Tri-County Association for the Blind is a private non-profit organization, which provides services to blind and visually impaired individuals, as well as offering prevention of blindness programs. The agency, which, serves Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry Counties offers the following services: Access Technology, Prevention of Blindness, Social Services, Radio Reading Services, Low Vision Services, a Production Facility, Carpet Department and Janitorial Services. For more information on Tri-County Association for the Blind, call (717) 238-2531 or visit our web site at

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