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Access Technology
Access Technology utilizes state of the art computers to teach people who are blind and visually impaired to use a computer. Our onsite computer specialist, provides training for applications such as word processing, database management and the Internet.

Access Technology computer in use.For many of our clients, this is their first opportunity to experience hands-on use of computers. Clients are introduced to technology that often helps them to remain independent in their daily lives. Other programs include training for stand-alone personal digital assistants or Note Takers. We also train and evaluate clients.

TCAB also hosts a blind computer users' support group. This allows clients to network with others, exchange problem-solving techniques and discuss new products. Many demonstrations of new products, speakers and field trips are offered through this group. The meetings are open to everyone, regardless of visual impairment or level of computer knowledge.

To learn more about our website analysis, contact Londa Peterson at

Website Analysis

Tri-County Association offers website analysis for your business or organization. We can review your site and make suggestions about how to make it Bobbi compliant and/or more user friendly for people with visual impairments. We offer a full evaluation including recommended changes for a flat fee of $150.


Photo of Juliet BraillerMany businesses can use Braille to meet ADA accessibility and Tri-County Association for the blind can meet all you Brailing needs. We have the capability to Braille:

  • Menus
  • Government documents
  • Patients Rights and Responsibilities
  • Company Brochure and/or other forms and documents
  • Meeting Minutes or other meeting documentation
  • Financial Reports
  • Monthly Statements
To learn more about our brailing services, contact Joyce Marshall at

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