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Prevention of Blindness
Nancy Altemose testing for Vision problemsTri-County Association for the Blind (TCAB) offers programs in both blindness prevention and eye safety education. TCAB prides itself on the ability to provide prevention services to preschool, elementary age children and adults in the communities we serve. Preschool vision screenings for children ages three through five years old are conducted at preschools, nursery schools and day care centers located throughout the tri-county community. Close to 6,000 children are screened each year. Nearly one in every 16 children has an undetected vision problem.

Eye Safety programs are presented to students in 1st and 4th grades. These are hands-on, interactive, programs that teach children the importance of eye safety.

Adults are also screened regularly at health fairs, businesses and meetings of civic organizations. These adults are screened for visual acuity, intraocular pressure, visual fields deficits and macular degeneration. The Prevention of Blindness program’s goal is to find these undetected, yet treatable conditions in children and adults and refer them for further care to an eye doctor of their choice.

Eye Conditions & Diseases:

Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Color Vision Deficiency
Detached and Torn Retina
Diabetic Retinopathy
Eye Care Facts and Myths
Floaters and Flashes
Low Vision
Preventing Eye Injuries
Signs of Possible Eye Trouble in Adults
Signs of Possible Eye Trouble in Children
Strabismus in Adults

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